hd ssd

A Solid State Drive can make your PC faster and increase disk space at the same time!

Your PC may be slowing down and running short on disk space.  Kill two birds with one stone by switching to an SSD.  P3iSys can make it easy.  Using cloning software, we can move all of your programs and data onto a new SSD quickly and efficiently, without having to re-install or reconfigure anything.

What's the difference?  Your old hard drive is like the one on the left.  It has a mechanical platter that spins like an old vinyl LP turntable.  The head is like the tone arm on the turntable, and reads the data magnetically encoded on the surface of the disk platter.  A new Solid State Drive (on the right) with no moving parts can be up to 10 times faster than your old  electro-mechanical hard drive.  Usually it takes less than two hours to clone the drive and swap it out.  A new SSD will help you get another couple of years out of your notebook or desktop PC.

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