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Dropbox - Easy file sharing and collaboration.

One of the basic technology problems small businesses have is getting files from here to there.  You have an employee you need to share a spreadsheet with, or your accountant periodically needs reports or a copy of a file from your accounting system.  Or you may need to share drawings or specifications with a vendor or customer, but the files are too big to send as email attachments.

Dropbox can help you share files very quickly and easily.  Not only that, but for a small office Dropbox can save you the expense of an in-house based file server.  Have a look at the Intro video to find out more.  Dropbox does not use sales partners, so P3iSys doesn't sell Dropbox Pro or Dropbox for Business - but we can help you get up and running and show you how to use it to share files quickly and effectively.

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