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Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs by leveraging the Cloud.  No one knows Cloud Computing better than Google.
Don't let the buzzword confuse or scare you - Cloud Computing just means that computer services and infrastructure businesses traditionally had to buy themselves are now becoming utilities like water service and electricity. 

Google is the undisputed leader in Cloud Computing, and you need an experienced partner to move from in-house hosted email and infrastructure to Google's cloud.  Here are some of the cloud services you should seriously consider taking advantage of.
  • Email  If you are hosting your own email, you're also having to pay for systems administration of your email server, spam filtering, virus and malware protection, plus your own backup.  Moving your email to the cloud lifts those burdens from you.  Your email can be hosted by Google and use their best-in-the-world spam and malware filtering and backup infrastructure and reduce your administrative overhead to the simple task of adding, moving, and changing your users.  If you are using email service provided by your Internet service provider or website host, you're probably being bombarded by spam, phishing and malware messages and beset by poor security and support.  Move your email to Google to know you have the best service, filtering, and protection available.
  • Storage Google Drive can be the easiest and best place to store some or all of your business data, relieving you of the burden of administering file servers with their own virus and malware protection and your own backup and disaster recovery.  Perhaps not all your data wants to be in the cloud, but for 24 X 7 Worldwide availability to your mobile workforce and geographically diverse offices and sites, Google Drive can help you stay on top of your data.  Best of all - it's part of the package.
  • Apps You can use Google's online apps to work on your business data and collaborate with team members real time.  You and a colleague can both have the same doc, spreadsheet or presentation open simultaneously and make real-time changes collaboratively where everyone sees what's going on.  Transform online meetings from discussions about work done outside the meeting into realtime collaborative productivity.
  • More Google's cloud also includes Google Voice to make it possible to manage phone calls, voicemails and text messages all in one place, Calendar to manage time for yourself and your team, and more.

P3iSys is your Google Apps for Work Partner.  We can help you get your business into the cloud and leverage it to work more efficiently while reducing costs!

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