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Business email scams cost $2.3 Billion in losses in 2015 alone.


ComputerWorld reports Cybercriminals have bilked businesses out of $2.3 Billion using email scams in 2015.

Here at P3iSys we have had multiple clients report attempts at email scams targeting accounting staff with fake emails from the boss, described in this earlier blog post on CEO Fraud emails

Good backups of your vital business data : Your final line of defense in case the worst happens!

Fire - Are You Ready?

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Team Training for Data Security Awareness


Studies show again and again that users - your employees - are the weakest link in Data Security.

You can help keep yourself from being bitten by malware, phishing scams, CEO wire transfer frauds and similar social engineering scams by teaching your teams how to surf the web defensively.  Most scams are actually easily detected by anyone who knows what to look for - and it doesn't take a high degree of tech savvy to learn how to recognize the main types of Internet threats and scams, including:

  • Passwords How-to
  • ID Theft
  • Phishing emails
  • Fake downloads
  • Tech Support Scams
  • CEO wire transfer request frauds
  • Malware (virus) distribution emails
  • Browser hijackers and Search Engine hijackers
  • And many others

You can kickstart securing your computers and networks by scheduling periodic team training.  P3iSys can come and present during an informal lunchtime session that shows your people how to identify Internet threats and cybercrime, or a more formal training session that includes testing and documentation.  For a limited time, you can sign up for a FREE Web Security Awareness training session at your office on your schedule if you have at least 10 employees who use PCs.  Fill out the form at right to get started.

Dropbox - Easy file sharing and collaboration.

One of the basic technology problems small businesses have is getting files from here to there.  You have an employee you need to share a spreadsheet with, or your accountant periodically needs reports or a copy of a file from your accounting system.  Or you may need to share drawings or specifications with a vendor or customer, but the files are too big to send as email attachments.

Dropbox can help you share files very quickly and easily.  Not only that, but for a small office Dropbox can save you the expense of an in-house based file server.  Have a look at the Intro video to find out more.  Dropbox does not use sales partners, so P3iSys doesn't sell Dropbox Pro or Dropbox for Business - but we can help you get up and running and show you how to use it to share files quickly and effectively.

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Is it time to roll out new equipment to replace those aged PCs?  Or do you need to migrate from that ancient server before it dies? 

P3iSys will help you through every aspect of the deployment project.  We can help by specifying equipment.  You will purchase directly from the vendor of your choice - we don't sell hardware or make commission on hardware sales, so we won't push any brand on you.  We'll help you find hardware that works for your needs and budget, and manage your technology lifecycle from acquiisition to disposal in a way that gives you complete control.

We will also create a deployment project plan and detailed checklist to schedule and stage the rollout of new equipment in a way that minimizes disruption to your business. 

For PC deployments we will make sure user data is migrated to the new desktops or notebooks completely and smoothly, so your employees can sit down at their new workstations and feel at home to get back to full productivity right away.  We will also plan and schedule server migrations in a way that minimizes disruption to business processing. 

If you have a special project that involves customizing software, we can also find the right resource to make even complex deployments go as smoothly and orderly as possible.

Don't know when to schedule a technology refresh?  Our virtual CIO service can provide guidance based on industry best practices to make sure your employees have equipment that meets their needs and keeps them productive.  Our inventory and technology lifecycle service can help you plan ahead for orderly technology refresh over time without breaking your budget.  

We can also dispose of obsolete technological equipment with Environmentally sound recyclers at no charge to you!

To find out more, call our office and we will be glad to have one of our infrastructure engineers work with you to make sure your technology serves your business needs.

Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work

Google provides the best security, spam and virus filtering in the cloud and relieves you of those burdens so you can concentrate on your business.

Find out more about Google Apps...

Quick Support Utility

Quick Support Tool

Click the big blue button above to download our Quick Support Utility when requested by your Remote Support Representative, who can address your problem quickly and efficiently without your having to wait for a site visit.

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