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You need to take some steps immediately to prevent spread of the infection and limit the damage to your business.

  • Disconnect the infected PC from the network.  If it is on a wired network, unplug the network cable.  If it's wireless, put the PC in Airplane mode or disable the wireless connection.  If you don't know how do disable wireless, shut down the infected computer.
  • Interview the user who got the infection.  Find out what preceded indicators of infection.
  • Check other PCs on the network for signs of infection.
  • Contact malware removal experts for further analysis and malware removal.

P3iSys has technologists with specialized training for malware removal and analysis.  Once we are certain an infected PC is isolated from the network and cannot damage other PCs, we can perform detailed analysis to examine indicators of compromise (IOCs) and see if the malware is trying to contact command and control servers on the Internet.  This helps us to classify the malware.  Once the malware is classified, then we will proceed to remove all traces of it from the infected system and allow the user to get back to work, but only as soon as we are sure the infector is removed and can do no further harm to the infected PC or other computers and devices on your network.

With a persistent or dangerous infection, it may be necessary to re-install the operating system to ensure no further damage or compromise to your business.  In these cases, we recommend replacement of the hard drive to ensure the infected hard drive does not have a hidden re-installer for the malware, and to allow further analysis of the infector after the repair.

In most cases, however, we can detect, classify, and remove the infector safely.

If you are infected, don't wait!  Don't think the infector will go away on its own!  Call us immediately before a suspected infection can do further damage!


P3iSys is proud to be a reseller of the award-winning Avast! line of antivirus products.

Avast! offers your business:

  • Superior malware protection (high detection rate, low false positives)
  • Light system footprint - no system slowdown
  • Easy centralized administration 
  • Choice of products for your environment

In most cases once you let us know you are interested, we can get a quote to you the same day as your request and have your license to you by the next day!  

We also provide installation and deployment support to get your old antivirus cleaned up and Avast installed in its place so you don't have a gap in virus protection.

Fill out the form at right to get a quote on Avast! for your business! If you are not sure about any answers, do your best.  We will call you back with any questions before we input the quote.  We will make the process very straightforward, simple, and quick!


It's happened to you!  Your network has been hacked!  What do you do next?

First, don't panic!  When you have a Data Security Incident, you need to respond quickly, but respond in an orderly and disciplined fashion.

  • Have a policy in place to deal with Data Security Incidents which includes a Computer Incident Response checklist.  
  • Begin documentation of the Incident, the type of incident, location, affected system(s), indicators of compromise, initial detection.
  • Analyze the compromised system(s) and document a timeline of the incident.  List the compromised systems and data and the extent of the damage.  Identify the intruder to the extent possible.
  • Identify the vulnerabilities that were used to penetrate the system.  Contain the incident to prevent further damage, as appropriate.  Isolate the incident to prevent further compromise, determine whether to cut off the intruder or maintain the link in order to try to identify the intruder.  
  • Determine whether it is necessary to create a forensic copy of compromised systems for evidential purposes in the event of prosecution or litigation.
  • Identify who should be contacted: Law Enforcement, Regulatory Agencies, Stockholders, Board of Directors, other stakeholders.
  • Remediate vulnerabilities that resulted in the intrusion and document steps taken to reduce risk of future intrusion.
  • Prepare a post-incident report with details of the incident and recommendations for further actions.

Most small businesses don't have a Computer Incident Response policy or checklist.  P3iSys can help you create a policy appropriate for your organization that meets your needs without overkill.  If your network or a system has already been compromised, we can help you take appropriate actions now, and after the urgent needs of the incident are addressed we can work with you to put in place a policy document and plan for dealing with any future incidents.  

If reading this article has alerted you that you need to take some steps but you don't know where to begin, P3iSys can help you put together a proactive plan to reduce your Data Security risk and plan for dealing with incidents should they occur.

The easiest place to begin is with a free preliminary Security Assessment.  Send us your information using the form at right and we can help you get started right away!

When you have an investigation or a digital discovery request

Digital Forensics - Support for Investigations and Digital Discovery


Digital Forensics is called for when your company faces the need to investigate possible wrongdoing by an employee or a contractor, or must support a Digital Discovery request for data relevant to litigation or prosecution of a crime.  "Forensics" by itself means anything that is to be presented in a Court of Law.  Qualified professionals must gather and analyze evidence in a way that comports with Federal Rules of Evidence (for criminal cases) or Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Civil Practice Laws and Rules for civil litigation.  The gathering, documentation and analysis of digital evidence must preserve the integrity of evidence and shows a properly documented chain of custody in order to ensure admissibility in court.  

Computer Technicians untrained in forensics procedures can do more harm than good by gathering evidence that fails to maintain provable integrity and a thoroughly documented chain of custody, resulting in evidence that is inadmissible even if it is accurate.  The Digital Forensics Investigator in most cases should work for the client's Legal Counsel and not directly for the client so that all evidence and work product resulting from the investigation is protected under attorney client privilege.  The Legal Counsel will also work with the investigator to ensure that multiple forensic images and other work product are produced and made available to opposing counsel during Discovery.  During Digital Discovery, experience is needed to automate the discovery process to the maximum extent possible.

The same disciplines involved in Digital Forensics are also used in Data Recovery to get back data after failure or a security incident - when you have a possible data loss, P3iSys can used advanced methods to help get some or all of your data back.

If you are dealing with an investigation or prosecution, time is of the essence!  We are available 24X7 to support urgent needs!  If you are facing the need to deal with fraud, embezzlement, child pornography or another instance of computer crime and you don't know who to turn to, P3iSys can not only help with the technology side of things.  We can refer you to law enforcement, forensic accountants and fraud investigators as appropriate - people who can manage your case professionally and expeditiously.  

Not sure if forensics applies?  Call our office now for a confidential preliminary interview.  If our help is not the right fit for you, we can point you to the proper authorities or investigators for your case.


Information Security covers many disciplines, including:

  • Network Security (protecting your network's confidentiality, integrity, and availability)
  • Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity
  • Endpoint Security and Malware Protection
  • Cyber Awareness Training for your staff
  • Incident Response:  Dealing with security incidents
  • Digital Forensics and Investigations
  • Penetration Testing and Security Auditing

Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work

Google provides the best security, spam and virus filtering in the cloud and relieves you of those burdens so you can concentrate on your business.

Find out more about Google Apps...

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