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Threats Face Kids

You secure your property with a state-of-the-art alarm system.  You chose your neighborhood for good schools, good police and low crime.  You may send your kids to private schools to filter what goes into their heads.
Why do you protect your kids on your home network with a basic router anyone can buy at Wal-Mart, or the one the Cable Company put in place?

Consumer grade routers have basic functionality, but they have little or no content filtering capability.  When your kids open up a browser on your home network they can be exposed to all kinds of material on the Internet.  You should protect what you treasure most - your children - with a Next Generation Firewall that gives you control to filter content like Pornography, violence, gambling, and terrorism, and which gives you peace of mind about everything coming into your home via the Internet.

P3iSys has a great solution to the problem - the Untangle Next Generation Firewall, including Content Filtering by category, Virus Filter, Phishing Filter, and reporting engine.  You can also add Firewall Rules to cut off Internet access to any device on your network (for example, you can cut off Junior's access until he cleans his room- a great disciplinary tool) with just a couple of mouse clicks.  And you get daily reports which alert you to any violations and the ability to look at everything coming into your home network, all in a reasonably priced firewall appliance with a tiny (less than six inches) footprint that makes no noise.  The Untangle Firewall also gives your home network state-of-the-art Data Security protection against hackers.

Want to find out more?  Fill out the Service Form at right, or call Rob Mitchell at the office.  Installation is quick and easy and included in the price of the Untangle NG Firewall.  

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