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Inventory & Assessment

Many small businesses don't even have an inventory of their technology resources.  

It's hard to keep up with assets with no information.  Withno inventory information, you don't know if a computer or other piece of equipment is under warranty or not when it has a problem.

P3iSys can help.  From our first visit when engaging a new client we will help you get a handle on technology lifecycle with our Inventory and Assessment process:

  • Inventory Hardware assets by Make, Model, Serial Number, Ship Date, Warranty info for your Fixed Asset database.
  • Documentation of your network infrastructure including configuration information and credentials to access your routers, switches and key devices.
  • System cleanup, assessment and certification.
  • Entry into a technology lifecycle management database.
  • Recording hardware and software vendor support information to manage your vendor relationships.
  • Providing technology refresh scheduling for your budgeting process
  • Secure, environmentally safe disposal of obsolete and attritted equipment

With P3iSys, you will know exactly what you have, when you got it, when it is warrantied, how to contact the vendor for support, and when to plan for replacement.  This will help you get a handle on your technology costs and plan for an orderly technology refresh process to make sure your employees are productive.  

Want to get started right away?  Fill out the form to the right - P3iSys will make an appointment to perform a preliminary network assessment of our company or organization for free!

Network Assessment

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