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Do you have road warrior employees and branch offices?  P3iSys can help you make sure your mobile workforce and branch offices have access to the same data your home office has.  Whether the approach involves Virutal Private Network (VPN) connection, leveraging cloud resources, or training employees, we can help your employees get connected to the home office or the cloud from anywhere - quickly, easily and securely.

Each company and every environment is unique - call today to make an appointment to let us configure a customized solution for your environment at the home office, in the field, and in the cloud!

Or fill out the form to the right to get started on an assessment of your mobile networking needs!




For many technology issues, you don't have to wait for a technician to come to your office.  P3iSys can solve many tech problems using remote support.  Managed Services clients have a remote support agent installed so we can work on their systems as soon as they are ready.  For on-demand clients, you can download our Quick Support Utility, run it, and get remote support without installing anything on your system or leaving any security risk on your equipment.

Need help right now?

  1. Call us at the office phone listed above.
  2. If we have a technician available immediately, you will be asked to download our Quick Support utility.  You can download from the menu above or from the icon below, whichever is easier.
  3. Once you've downloaded, tell your remote support representative your ID number and the random password assigned for this session only.  
  4. When you're done. close TeamViewer and nothing is left behind installed on your machine, so no CPU or memory resources are used!



"I just want technology that works!"

If this sounds like something you would say, you should consider one of our Managed Service Plans.  

When you wait for something to break then pay by the hour to take care of your problems, your business goals and your IT provider's business goals are at cross purposes:  The more problems you have, the more money he makes!

Managed Services aligns your business goals and our business goals by providing unlimited support for a flat monthly fee.  Under this arrangement, we proactively manage your systems in order to prevent problems:  the fewer problems you have, the more profitable we are!  

Under our Managed Service Plan, we take proactive care of your servers, networks, and endpoints including Operating System Updates and standardized applications and programs like Microsoft Office.  

  • Managed Care for Servers starts at just $175.00 per month
  • Managed Care for PCs (Desktops and laptops) starts at just $45 per month
  • We can also build a modular care plan for your network devices, peripherals and mobile devices.
  • Ask about Vendor Management so you never have to call your Internet Provider, Telco provider, or other technology vendors again (for specialized and customized software hourly charges may apply).
  • Ask about our quarterly CTO Business Technology Review, where we look at your current network and help you think strategically and plan your technology budget for the immediate and longer term.
  • Complete technology inventory lifecycle management including deployment of new systems, migration of data and disposal of attritted systems.

Want to know more?  Fill out the form to the right and we will be glad to do a preliminary network assessment of your environment and discuss whether one of our Managed Service Plans is right for you!

Inventory & Assessment

Many small businesses don't even have an inventory of their technology resources.  

It's hard to keep up with assets with no information.  Withno inventory information, you don't know if a computer or other piece of equipment is under warranty or not when it has a problem.

P3iSys can help.  From our first visit when engaging a new client we will help you get a handle on technology lifecycle with our Inventory and Assessment process:

  • Inventory Hardware assets by Make, Model, Serial Number, Ship Date, Warranty info for your Fixed Asset database.
  • Documentation of your network infrastructure including configuration information and credentials to access your routers, switches and key devices.
  • System cleanup, assessment and certification.
  • Entry into a technology lifecycle management database.
  • Recording hardware and software vendor support information to manage your vendor relationships.
  • Providing technology refresh scheduling for your budgeting process
  • Secure, environmentally safe disposal of obsolete and attritted equipment

With P3iSys, you will know exactly what you have, when you got it, when it is warrantied, how to contact the vendor for support, and when to plan for replacement.  This will help you get a handle on your technology costs and plan for an orderly technology refresh process to make sure your employees are productive.  

Want to get started right away?  Fill out the form to the right - P3iSys will make an appointment to perform a preliminary network assessment of our company or organization for free!

P3isys services include everything you need to manage your small business technology.

  • Managed Services - your own IT Department for a flat monthly fee
  • On-Demand Services - Quick repairs and maintenance when needed
  • Infrastructure projects - Deploy new PCs, networking equipment, servers
  • Virtual CTO Services - Chief Technology Officer services when you need help with technology strategy and building business processes
  • Consulting and projects - custom development and implementation of customized software, business process integration
  • Business Ananlytical Services - Technological integration for resource planning and process improvement


Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work

Google provides the best security, spam and virus filtering in the cloud and relieves you of those burdens so you can concentrate on your business.

Find out more about Google Apps...

Quick Support Utility

Quick Support Tool

Click the big blue button above to download our Quick Support Utility when requested by your Remote Support Representative, who can address your problem quickly and efficiently without your having to wait for a site visit.

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