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Rob MitchellRob Mitchell. Founder and Chief Technologist of P3iSys llc.  

After eleven years in USAF intelligence, I took what had been over a decade-long pastime of working with computer technology in secure environments and began a career in Information Technology. I started off as a Help Desk Technician and rapidly acquired specialized skills and certifications and worked my way into Server Engineering and running support organizations for two different Fortune 500 companies over a fifteen year period.  

I began to do technology consulting for friends and acquaintences in Small Business and recognized a real need Small Businesses have for competent, reliable technology care.  Over time the demand for small business technology consulting grew to the point where I had to make a decision: Stick with my IT career as a full time employee of a large company or start my own IT consultancy business.  

Going from a steady corporate job with a reliable paycheck and benefits to running my own business was a scary proposition, but I was convinced that I could make a living, and more importantly make a difference in the lives of ordinary small business people by providing experienced, competent, and ethical Small Business Technology Care, so in 2008 I built business plan for a company I called P3iSystems LLC, drawing on the structure and accountability learned in the military and more than a decade of high end tech work in Fortune 500 Data Centers.  Early the next year, 2009, I cut the cord and P3iSys became my only full time job.

One of the first questions I often get from prospective clients is, "P3isys? What does it mean?"

When I wrote the business plan back in 2007, I wrote a description of my dream company on a whiteboard, with a vision to build a technology solutions company based on these core principles:

  • People who are vetted, background-checked, drug tested, and professionally trained to provide trustworthy technology care.
  • Processes based on Best Practices garnered in over 15 years of technology experience in Fortune 500 companies, delivering Enterprise-Class solutions for Small Business.
  • Passion to offer unequaled value to our clients, executing technology solutions that meet your requirements and budget.
  • Integrity based on making your interests and needs our paramount priority. 
  • Systems  the last part of our name:  refers to the complex virtual mechanisms that integrate your business processes and build them into a seamless environment that works for your Small Business.

The name of the company fell right out of those core principles and P3iSystems LLC was born.  Even though the company name was longer, from the very start our website has been p3isys.com, so after some time in business I decided to streamlilne the company name to be like the website, and re-branded as P3iSys.  

The story of who we are is really where the company name came from. Every time we see it, hear it, or say it, it reminds us who we are and why we are committed to provide the very best support, innovation and advice to all of our clients. P3isys wants to build a culture of excellence with unmatched technological acumen and an orientation to serve others.  We will always work for you, for your interests in a way to help you meet your goals, providing solutions that fit your needs and budget regardless of profitability for us.

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