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Your Small Business is a Cyberthreat Target!

Are you still using a consumer-grade router or ISP-provided router between your business or organization network and the Internet? You may be making your business or organization easy prey for cybercriminals!

Although it is unlikely that digital criminals have singled out your business as a target of interest, your use of a consumer grade router makes it easier for them to penetrate your network, peruse your data, and use your networked devices for their own purposes, like ripping off other people.  If you were specifically targeted by a specific criminal for a specific reason, the criminal targeting you will keep on trying until he gets his hands on what he wants.

But if you're just another small business in the sea of small businesses, it is fairly inexpensive and simple to repel the cybercriminal who is looking for quick and easy victims.  You don't need a network perimeter security system to stop James Bond; you just need to increase the effort level enough to convince a cybercriminal to move along.  

By way of analogy, this is like being at the beach when there is a shark in the water:  You don't have to outswim the shark!  You just have to outswim the slowest swimmer on the beach.  Most small businesses have no network security at all, just a consumer grade router.  By adding an inexpensive small business security firewall, you make your business a hard target, and Boris the Russian hacker will quickly see this and move along to an easier target.

Additionally, the right network firewall can also help you avoid other risk areas like filtering out undesirable websites (pornography, gambling, etc.) and provide reports on how much time your employees spend surfing the web and what sites they visit.  Speak with one of our specialists to find out more!  Just call our office or fill out the the form at right to get started now!

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