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Wireless Bridge

Got a building down on the back lot you need to connect to the office network?

Running fiber between buildings can be expensive!  But you can get network and Internet access to that outbuilding without breaking your budget!  P3iSys techs have extensive experience with getting network access between sites!

A wireless connection between buildings or sites isn't complicated - it consists of two wireless units configured in what is called a Layer 2 Transparent Bridge, and apart from the wireless units themselves, requires no special or sophisticated network equipment.  To the computers and devices on each end, the link looks like a network switch.  It's a little slower than fiber, but MUCH less expensive, and can provide reliable connectivity to outbuildings, garages, and construction sheds.

For just a few hundred dollars, including installation, you can have a high-bandwidth connection to that site or building where fiber was too expensive or not possible due to property issues.

Getting connected begins with a site survey - we can do a preliminary survey very quickly at no cost to you - more complex implementations may require an extended site survey where there are terrain or other issues. Call P3iSys today to get started and find out if a wireless link is appropriate for your needs and environment.


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